We are now in a position to begin planning events that you can participate in. These will include butterfly, bat, badger and bird monitoring events; volunteer work days; forest schools; history days and much more.

In August we started holding volunteer work days at Hazeland and so far they have all been absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much to everyone who’s been involved so far!

If you’d like more information about upcoming volunteer days please email contact@avonneedstrees.org.uk and we’ll give you the latest details. To get information about volunteer days sent straight to you first please complete our online volunteer registration form:

Part 1 – https://forms.gle/5He3xnXmTmX7bhPX9
Part 2 –  https://forms.gle/Gm9GKKVLJcCATVrU9

Part 1 is basic information about you that we need for health and safety reasons. Part 2 is a handful of equalities questions which we use to make sure we’re reaching a diverse variety of communities across our region, and to feedback to our funders. Part 2 is completely anonymous and your answers cannot be linked back to you.

Everyone who volunteers at Hazeland must have completed both parts of this form before they can be allowed to work onsite.

Our goal is to host at least two volunteer work days per month. Tree planting will begin in November and we will need a great deal of help to get several thousand trees into the ground.

Volunteers who’ve been on site can fill out our online evaluation form to let us know which parts of the day worked and which could be improved. It also asks some questions about what you learned from your experience which are essential for our funders;

Evaluation form – https://forms.gle/GeH9tBbu2A8GRf758

Please do not complete this form until after you have done a volunteer day for us!

We look forward to seeing you at Hazeland!