Videos of Past Events

One positive of having to move all of our planned onsite events online due to the pandemic has been our increased ability to save our talks for our supporters to catch up with at a later date. Below are some of the talks we’ve hosted recently – all of these videos are either hosted on the Avon Needs Trees Youtube channel or the channel of Friends of the Marden Valley.

Are We Losing the Opportunity For a Green Recovery? – 15.02.2021

ANT Chair Nikki Jones gave a presentation about what we have done with our small window of opportunity to ensure a green recovery following the coronavirus pandemic. She talked about new technology that is being funded, old industries that are collapsing, whether these developments are taking us in the right direction and whether they are enough.

Birds of the Marden Valley: Challenges They Face – 04.02.2021

At the start of February we co-hosted a talk with Friends of the Marden Valley about the bird species living in the area around our first site Hazeland, and what challenges they face. The evening featured Matt Prior, Chairman of Wiltshire Ornithological Society, and Independent Ornithologist Nick Adams, who is also a member of the Wiltshire Raptor Group.

Huge thanks to Tim Havenith of Friends of Marden Valley for solving some technical issues, which allow this video to exist online at all!

History of the Marden Valley: The River, the Canal and the Railway – 29.10.2020

In October 2020 we co-hosted a talk with Friends of the Marden Valley about the history of the valley, focusing particularly on the canal, the railway and the river that run through it. That talk is now available in three parts on Friends of the Marden Valley’s Youtube channel.

Chris Goodall: What We Need To Do Now – 14.10.2020

Avon Needs Trees hosted an evening discussion with author and economist Chris Goodall about his book ‘What We Need To Do Now’. This was initially planned to be two public talks – one in Bristol and one in Chippenham – both to be held in March 2020, but they had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Chris is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on the climate crisis, green technologies and fossil fuels. In particular, Chris is a close observer of developments in ‘green hydrogen’ and explained the implications for our build-out of renewables and for our heating and transport sectors.

Chris also presented his thoughts on how we will tackle the really high-emission sectors of clothing, aviation, steel and cement. A change of land-use is essential but how will we feed 8 billion people? And most fundamental of all, are these questions just for government or does individual action matter?