Support Us

Support Us

There are lots of ways you can support Avon Needs Trees.

The easiest way you can support us is to tell people about what we’re doing. Tell your friends and family or tell the world via social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to know more about what we’re doing you can check the News tab of this website and if you would like updates sent directly to your email inbox you can sign up here.


We have reached an agreement to purchase the 34 acres of land at Hazeland for £325,000 and while the great majority of this money will be coming from large donors such as trust funds and businesses, donations from members of the public are also vital. Right now you can donate to our project through our donate page

Run a fundraiser

Recently we were contacted by a lecturer in neuroscience at the University of Bristol called Rui Costa, who told us he would be kayaking 90 miles along the Kennet and Avon canal from Reading to Bristol. He told us he planned to ask people to sponsor him and he wanted to give the money he raised to Avon Needs Trees! We were absolutely delighted to hear this!

We began talking about his kayak challenge on our social media pages and drawing media attention to it. This lead to Rui being interviewed by Bristol TV and being written about by The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald and Calne News, and all of this lead to him raising £556 via his crowdfunder.

If doing some sort of challenge in support of Avon Needs Trees sounds like something you’d like to do contact us here and we will support you any way you can.

Similarly, if you would like to run an event such as a pub quiz, a nature walk or a tea party we can also support with that. We’ve had tremendous success so far with guided nature walks around under-explored parts of Bristol, pub quizzes in Bristol and Bath and a cream tea party at Westfield Farm. If you would like to run a fundraiser of any sort in your area please get in touch and we’ll do whatever we can to help – we’ll even send you the pub quiz questions we’ve written!

Leaving a legacy

Wonderful, permanent way of remembering a loved one while contributing something positive. A legacy that will benefit generations of people for years and years to come.

Every legacy and donation, however small, can be used to maximum effect. From a small tree to significant land purchase Avon Needs Trees will be able to continue growing what we’ve started, to make a real difference for the fight against climate change, while helping with flood management, creating greater biodiversity and protecting our natural landscape.

For more information on leaving a legacy contact Nikki Jones here, or making a donation here.

Ash Tree. Charlotte’s Wood, Sevington. Planted 2012.