Our potential second purchase : Stanley Lane

We are in the process of potentially securing our second piece of land. It is a wonderful 5 hectare site with plenty of potential for tree planting. Located in Stanley, not far from Hazeland, our first purchase, it will make a wonderfully biodiverse habitat whilst sucking up that all important CO2. As ever we will be planting native species with an eye on our future climate and creating space for nature to thrive.

Ecological surveys have been conducted and we are now working closely with a local community forest group to secure the necessary aid to get the trees into the ground this coming autumn. The land is currently pasture and will be another small but vital step to increasing our national tree cover to fight climate change and halt biodiversity loss.

Our first purchase Hazeland was only made possible by the dedication and commitment of donors and volunteers who share our passion for trees and nature. We will be hoping to attract the same level of support on this purchase to enable it’s ongoing mainatenance and management. Once confirmed we will be opening up registration for tree planting and care and hope to see you on the land!