Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Avon Needs Trees

Statement of Accountability in Respect of Data Protection 

Avon Needs Trees (ANTs) aims:

1) to raise funds to buy land in the Bristol-Avon catchment area, to reforest;

2) to use the project to engage and educate the public on the subject of climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

In the course of our activity across the catchment area, ANTs will collect and store funders’, volunteers’ and supporters’ personal information so that we can identify them individually for the following specific reasons and no other:

a) to enable us to know the scale of verifiable direct support for ANTs and to be able to communicate this numerical (anonymous) information to press or other legitimate enquirers;

b) to address funding requests and information to funders, volunteers and supporters relevant to the activities and aims of ANTs and to encourage them to take part in, or support, specific actions.

It is our responsibility to protect the information given to us by funders, volunteers and supporters according to data protection legislation law and good ethical practice. We will meet this responsibility through physical, administrative and technical safeguards (as detailed below). Our responsibility applies to information in all formats – oral, written and electronic. The safeguards will apply to all stages of handling personal information including collection, use, disclosure, access, storage, transfer, copying, modification and disposal.

We will always handle personal information in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. No information will be kept after a supporter or volunteer has informed us of their leaving ANTs. If we learn of a funder, volunteer or supporter’s death, their information will be removed from our records.

All funders, supporters and volunteers have the right to withdraw from communication at any point. This can be done by contacting us here

We will only use the information we do hold for specified and legitimate purposes (eg. creating and maintaining a mailing list, informing of progress, inviting opinions or asking for help) and we will not share personal information in any manner unless we are given express consent to do so.

We will not ask for excessive or irrelevant information. On occasions, this may include anonymised personal information for monitoring and evaluation required by our funders. You are not obliged to answer such questions if you consider them intrusive.

We will ensure that the personal information we hold about you is accurate and kept up to date. We will take reasonable steps to erase or correct personal information that, we discover or are informed, is inaccurate out of date.

We will hold your personal information only as long as it is necessary for the purposes that we have explained to you.

When we store your personal information it will be held in accordance with appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your rights and freedoms. Measures will include, to the best of our ability, protection against unlawful or unauthorised access, including the potential for accidental loss, destruction or damage. Any hard copies with personal information will not normally be removed from ANT’s registered office.

The Secretary will store personal information supplied by funders, volunteers and supporters (this may include name, home address, telephone number and email address) in files on a personal computer which are protected by anti-virus software and backed up securely with on-line or external drive storage.

Within Avon Needs Trees we will have a named volunteer to oversee data protection and ensure accountability to you. A reporting structure within CCA has been established. The current named volunteer is Peter Williams.

The above aims and practices apply also to partners and contractors.

We will regularly review our data protection policies and practices (at least annually) and update them in line with changes in legislation.