Upcoming Event – Talking to Friends and Family about Climate Change and Making Action Effective, 9th September 2019

A discussion and workshop on how best to deal with family and friends who are unengaged with climate change, and how to make our own action more effective.

The event will be lead by researcher and writer on energy and climate change, and ANTs Chair, Nikki Jones. Full details on Facebook or Eventbrite.

Four of the UK’s Rarest and Most Highly Protected Bat Species Recorded in the Hazeland Area

Local bat specialists tell us that we have the opportunity to seriously improve habitat for several endangered species. Greater and Lesser Horseshoe bats, and also Barbastelles, have been recorded roosting and foraging in the area. These species tend to adopt rivers for their commuting, so our improvements to the Marden Valley river corridor, and the woodlands, should provide new breeding sites and foraging opportunities. These specialists tell us that Bechstein bats are also likely to be in our ancient woodland!

Bioversity Update

Our biodiversity surveys have been completed and we’re now just waiting on the results. We did get a look at the headlines however and they’re really exciting!

Firstly there are historical records of nightingales in this area. Our hope is that through caring for the land properly we can encourage these birds to return to Hazeland.

There are also reports of a colony of purple emperors nearby and again, we believe that through looking out for biodiversity in the area we can help protect these butterflies against potentially disastrous changes to their habitat.

Jeremy Evans from the Woodlands Trust Visits Hazeland

Woodland trust conservationist Jeremy Evans came by Hazeland and through his eyes we saw a wonderful range of habitats that we hadn’t clocked – tree fungi, wet areas of woodland, rotting stumps and scrubby edges. All of these are great habitat now but he agrees that there is massive potential to provide more. This was the first stage of our land planning and we’re looking forward to more onsite visits and even more discoveries of animal poo! 

Bristol University Lecturer Kayaks from Reading to Bristol, Raising Money for Avon Needs Trees

On Monday 19th August university lecturer and neuroscientist Rui Costa completed a 4 day, 90 mile kayak challenge from Reading to Bristol while raising awareness of deforestation and to money for Avon Needs Trees.

His crowdfunder page has now closed with a total of £556 contributed by 38 unique donors.

Rui’s efforts attracted significant media attention and both he and our volunteer Dorian were interviewed about it by Bristol TV.

Bristol Nature Walk

A great time was had by all on Sunday 18th when Avon Needs Trees Chair Nikki Jones and Shaun Waycott from the Avon Wildlife Trust lead a guided walk through some of Bristol’s underexplored natural areas. The event was free but nonetheless attendees still donated £135 to the charity.

If you would like to run a fundraiser like this email us at and let us know. We’ll be happy to support in any way we can.

Avon Needs Trees Update

If you’d like to sign up to get updates from Avon Needs Trees emailed directly to your inbox, sign up to our mailing list here.

Our new crowdfunder went live on the 15th August! If you’d like to support us with a donation head over to

Our last crowdfunder closed last week and raised a fantastic £13,258. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! We were blown away by everyone’s generosity and all of the lovely comments! With some other pledged donations and gift aid we will have already raised over £20,000.

This is a fantastic start, but we’ve got a long way to go in order to buy the 34 acre site at Hazeland. The bid we’ve had accepted on the land is for £325,000 and while we anticipate a huge majority of that money coming from large donors such as businesses and trust funds we still need all the help we can get from small donors as well.

If you’ve donated to us before please just share our campaign so that we can reach our goal as quickly as possible. We’ve calculated that every £2.50 gets us (roughly) 1 square metre closer!

You can go to to view the campaign and read more about the site we wish to buy and why we want to buy it.

If you would like to hold an event like this to raise funds for Avon Needs Trees please contact us and we can provide whatever display materials, collection boxes and publicity support you need. All ideas welcome!

Our next fundraising event is coming up this coming Sunday (18th August – tomorrow at time of writing) – a guided walk through some of Bristol’s underexplored natural areas with a professional conservationist. This is definitely going ahead whatever the weather but probably best if you bring sensible clothes and good shoes – very high chance of mud at the beginning of the walk!
Full details of this event and our upcoming green pub quizzes in Bath and Bristol can be found on Facebook at

Finally a bit of exciting news – one of our volunteers Rui Costa is kayaking 90 miles along the Kennet and Avon canal and raising money for Avon Needs Trees! You can check out his crowdfunder at, where he’s already hit his target of £300!

I’m going down to Bristol harbour on Monday morning to welcome him home! Good luck Rui! Paddle well!

Thanks very much!

Dorian Wainwright
Avon Needs Trees

Our New Crowdfunder is Live!

By the time our first big crowd funding push ended on the 7th of August 2019 it had raised £13258! This is a fantastic start, but if we’re to actually buy the land at Hazeland we’re going to need to keep pushing.

We launched our new campaign on August 15th and it’s started well, but we still need all the help we can get to make it a big success. Please head over to to contribute or share it with friends and family.

Thank you so much for all of your support!