Memorial Wall

After losing a loved one, many people find comfort in the knowledge that they have donated to a project that brings trees to the landscape, protects many of our precious species, and provides green space for others to enjoy.

By buying land, Avon Needs Trees makes sure this legacy will be there for future generations.

This Memorial Wall is to ensure that the names of those who have passed on are remembered.

Many thanks to all who have donated.

Richard McLellan

14.06.55 – 11.07.19

“I’ve made this donation in memory of my beloved husband who died last week. We both heard Nikki talk about the charity a few weeks ago and we both felt really enthusiastic about it.” – Alexandra Limberg

“In memory of a good friend of mine, Richard McLellan.” – Norman Abbot

In memory of my cousin Richard McClellan, much loved by all the Johnston family – Fiona Prichard

“I make this donation in response to the last wishes of my dear cousin Richard McLellan, sadly departed after a sudden illness. May the trees and woodland increase and endure many centuries!” – Alastair Johnston

“In memory of Richard Mclellan who loved the beautiful landscape of Avon and held trees dear to his heart x” – Helen Prout

Sue Nicholls

“A wonderful lady who was a great friend.” – Louisa

“A wonderful and kind person, and a great advocate for climate action. She will be greatly missed.” – John and Jill