Gift Cards

Gift Cards

A gift through Avon Needs Trees enables us to plant new, permanent forest.

For the first time, Avon Needs Trees has Christmas-themed gift cards available to order.

Our Christmas greetings card.
Robin photo by Peter Marsh.

Our gift cards are free for donations over £10. We will personalise them for you and send them to the address of your choosing. We also have our all-year cards which make wonderful thank you or birthday gifts for someone you care for.

Our Seend gift card featuring a long-tail tit and two photos of the land, all taken at Seend by volunteer photographer Kevan Wind.

A lovely present for a birthday or a thank you.

To Order a Gift Card

Simply make your donation through our donate page and complete the form below to order

Want to order more than one gift card? Just complete a form for each recipient. We’ll assume you want the total donation split evenly between all of your recipients unless you email to say otherwise.

Please note we can only send gift cards for donations of £10 or more.

We will email you if there are any issues with your order.