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1. Saturday 16th October – Hazeland Past And Present

About This Event

Morning: Tours of Hazeland

Whether this will be your first tour of the site or whether you would like another chance to see Hazeland, we invite you to a tour of Hazeland’s meadows, ancient woodland and hillside pastures now planted with trees, to learn more about the progress we have made this year.

Afternoon: 2pm History Walk of Hazeland

Join us to hear historian Nick Baxter talk about the ancient Forest of Pewsham, which once stretched south from Hazeland’s border, events from local history and the colourful characters that played their part in influencing it. This will be a chance to walk the beautiful site, including riverside meadow, ancient woodland, an abandoned canal, and hillside views, gaining a new historical perspective from Nick’s tour as you go.

Online Events

1. Wednesday 20th October – The History of Pewsham Forest

Hear historian Nick Baxter’s illustrated talk on the history of the ancient Forest of Pewsham, a lost wooded landscape which once ran up to Hazeland’s boundary.

We are delighted to have Nick speak to us on the history of Pewsham Forest which once formed, with Melksham or Blakemore Forest, a vast forest comprising a triangle of territory from Calne to Chippenham to Melksham. He will be telling us about the forces that shaped it, how it ended with deforestation in the 17th century, and what has happened to it since. As well as the fascinating characters who played a part in the forest’s history: the Kings, politicians, monks and outlaws who affected it.

Nick Baxter is a history enthusiast, passionate about the real history of people and places in Wiltshire. For more information, visit