If you are considering a larger donation please contact us directly here. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Although we have completed the purchase of Hazeland and have secured the funding necessary to manage the site for the next three years, we still need your help! For example, we would like to add many orchard trees for fruit and nuts. Not only will windfalls help encourage many of the species we want to boost at Hazeland, but we know that localising food production is a necessary part of adapting to climate change. Our broadleaf trees will be provided by the Woodland Trust but we need to fundraise separately for the orchard trees.

In addition we want to put in a number of benches around the site so that we can all stop and admire the views as often as possible! These are likely to cost several hundred pounds each and could make an excellent gift or memorial for a loved one. Please do get in touch if that is of interest.

On top of this we already have our eyes on our next land purchase – more details to come soon!

If you are able to we would love it if you could make your monthly donation by selecting it from the three options above the ‘next’ button – having that recurring source of income is so valuable to our long term fundraising efforts. Several people have already done this, mostly for around £10 per month. Thank you.

Thank you for your support!