Celia’s Marathon Donation Page

On 10th October I’ll be running my first marathon in Manchester. 

I won’t pretend to be doing this for anyone other than myself but if I can raise some money for some causes I’m passionate about then it might give me the incentive to keep going with my last bit of training and during the event itself! 

I’ve chosen to fundraise for Avon Needs Trees because climate change is the key issue affecting us all and this project is one of the many ways needed to address this emergency. 

Avon Needs Trees has recently purchased land near Calne and over the last year planted several thousand trees on land that was once ancient woodland. Alongside that they are doing amazing work on ecology and caring for a range of habitats in the Marden Valley. 

As someone who has had the privilege of volunteering on this site I have seen how hard they are working to involve the local community – including some Calne school children.
Any money raised, will I know, be well used in making a small local difference to this incredibly important global issue.