Upcoming Event – Nature Walk around Bristol, 22nd September 2019

A fun and relaxed led walk through some of Bristol’s under-explored natural areas. We will begin at St Werburgh’s City Farm at 10:30am, walk across Purdown and Stoke Park to Snuff Mills, and then on to Frenchay. We will stop for lunch at the White Lion (not included) but feel free to bring a picnic if you would rather. After lunch we’ll walk back through the woodland of Stoke Park. The whole walk will be about 7 or 8 miles.

Writer and researcher Nikki Jones and Shaun Waycott from Avon Wildlife Trust will be leading the walk and they’ll be able to answer your questions about the flora and fauna we find. Also water and environmental management lecturer at Bristol University Dr Claire Gronow will be talking about the history and management of the Frome river.

Full details on Facebook and Eventbrite.

Upcoming Event – Talking to Friends and Family about Climate Change and Making Action Effective, 9th September 2019

A discussion and workshop on how best to deal with family and friends who are unengaged with climate change, and how to make our own action more effective.

The event will be lead by researcher and writer on energy and climate change, and ANTs Chair, Nikki Jones. Full details on Facebook or Eventbrite.