University of Bristol Using Hazeland for Tree Growing Research

Avon Needs Trees is always looking for ways to amplify the benefits of buying and owning land, and one way is to allow local universities access for their long-term research.

At Hazeland, we have allocated a section of land to Tommaso Jucker, NERC Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences. Tommaso and his students will be able to conduct research into tree growth and carbon sequestration for decades to come, with no fear that the land will be sold or the owner will change land-use plans.

Tomasso at Hazeland – 09.01.2021

The carbon ‘locked up’ in the growing biomass of the trees will be precisely measured, as will the impact of restoring below ground biodiversity by adding soil fungi and leaf litter from the ancient woodland. Will these additions improve the survival and growth of young trees during the critical early stages of reforestation? The research findings will be fed up to the Crowther Lab in Switzerland, the HQ of international afforestation research, of which ANT is a member.

Forest of Pewsham Booklets For Sale

Trustee Pete Williams with one of our Forest of Pewsham booklets

We still need to raise several tens of thousands of pounds for our next purchase at Seend, near Melksham! To help us on our way, volunteer Hannah Sackett has written and illustrated a beautiful children’s picture booklet, telling the story of Pewsham Forest and how Hazeland will help restore a part of it. They’re printed on recycled paper, using high quality vegetable inks, and the illustrations are truly exquisite. For a donation of just £5, we will put these in the post first class for you. Just email us with your address and how many booklets you would like via

A page from inside the booklet

Tree Planting Has Begun at Hazeland!

We have trees in the ground!! After an extraordinary year of hard work by Trustees, volunteers and supporters of all kinds, our Woodland Trust trees were delivered yesterday and planting finally began.

Trenches to store tree whips – 17/12/20
The first birch trees planted at Hazeland! – photo by Mala Tu 17/12/2020

Over January and February almost 10,000 trees and shrubs will be planted at Hazeland, leaving substantial areas to rewild naturally. See below for the detailed planting plan put together by our wonderful volunteer Woodland Officers – Alister Wynn and Chris Horwood. Together, they have contributed enormously to our Land Management team, conducting soil tests, overseeing contractors, and generally getting involved in all aspects of managing Hazeland. Huge thanks to both of them!

Dorian Is Leaving

Many thanks to Dorian Wainwright who will be leaving us as ANT administrator and interim Project Coordinator at the end of December. Dorian has worked with us since ANT’s inception and has set up all our systems and processes, as well as being our front-line communicator with volunteers and supporters. We are truly grateful for his hard work and commitment and pleased to know that he will be continuing to work with us behind the scenes.

James Ellis Stevens Struck Gold on Black Friday

One supporter made an incredibly generous commitment on Black Friday – 100% of his sales would come to Avon Needs Trees. James Ellis Stevens Ltd, publisher of gift cards and personalised gifts and stationery, supported us last year in our early fundraising for Hazeland. This year, James’s donation was over £3,500 – a truly welcome addition to our Seend land purchase fund. If you feel like supporting James in turn, you will find his website on

Susan Barker Joins Us as our new Project Coordinator!

We are delighted to welcome Susan Barker as Avon Needs Trees’s new project coordinator. Thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we are able to contract Susan for three years to provide an ambitious range of events and activities at Hazeland. Susan brings a wealth of project management experience and we’re excited to have her on our team. She will be the main point of contact for anyone with questions or comments regarding events at Hazeland – if you would like to contact her about anything you can do so via

Remembering Fi Radford

Fi Radford was an environmentalist, activist and generous supporter of Avon Needs Trees. She died, far too young, on the 22nd November after a short illness. Her energy, determination and extraordinary bravery will be missed by everyone involved in environmental activism, as will her unfailing warmth, kindness and good humour.

Thank you to Andrew, Fi’s husband, and her two sons for nominating Avon Needs Trees as recipient of donations in lieu of flowers. Long before she became ill, Fi donated money in memory of her aunt Enid and ANT is pleased to be able to announce that our copse of trees in Hazeland’s lower pasture will be named the ‘Radford Copse’. Fi has also left money for two benches at our viewing point, and we look forward to welcoming all those who wish to remember Fi on-site in spring.

ANT volunteer Jo Poulton set up an online page requesting donations to Avon Needs Trees in Fi’s memory. In total almost £2,500 was raised by members of the public.

Fi received several wonderful tributes in local and national papers, including this lovely one from the Bristol Post.

Christmas Aerobics Classes for ANT

If you feel that you would like to help us fundraise in a more active way, Bristol-based aerobics teacher Katherine Piper is running two online sessions on Wednesdays 9th and 16th of December and donating all proceeds to ANT! Sessions are £5 each – and great fun! When Katherine did this last Christmas everyone dressed up in fun, festive outfits!

For more info visit Katherine’s Aerobics and Conditioning on Facebook. Thanks Katherine!

Don’t Send Me A Card – 100% of Your Donation Goes to ANT

We recently put out a call through the Wiltshire Ornithological Society (WOS), asking for photographs that we could use on Don’t Send Me A Card. This is a website that lets you send E-cards over the internet, cutting your paper consumption, while also donating to Avon Needs Trees.

We received many wonderful photographs and have created a selection of beautiful cards for you to send with your own personal message. Very many thanks to Alison Rymell of the WOS, Rowena Quantrill, and all of the photographers who responded with such generosity.

The great news is that DSMAC has recently changed its policy so that 100% of all money donated will come to Avon Needs Trees. Many thanks to Don’t Send Me A Card for making this change.

Please consider sending your Christmas cards through Don’t Send Me A Card this year, and sharing the idea with friends, family and employers – before they go out and buy packs of paper cards! Every purchase gets us closer to buying our next 19 acres at Seend, near Melksham.