Can you help us find our next piece of land?

We are appealing for help to find our next piece of land to create a new woodland and are looking for landowners who would like to sell land or partner with us to get in touch!

ANT’s Director Dave Wood said “Following two incredibly successful projects in Wiltshire planting 22,000 trees, we are excited to be looking for our next site and look forward and working with communities to create new woodlands. We are in a climate and ecological emergency so we need to work quickly to increase the woodland cover in the Bristol-Avon area. However, it is really important to us that the new woodlands benefit the local community and that we work together with the local agriculture and landscape in mind, planting the right tree in the right place. If you are a landowner and interested in working with us or hearing more about what we do, please get in touch!”

Why Reforest?

Almost all of Avon’s woodland has disappeared over the last few centuries. This is disastrous for many reasons – a loss of natural carbon storage; reduced habitat for many key, endangered species; and fewer trees and shrubs to stop and slow water entering the river system when there is heavy rain, particularly as all of the towns and cities in the area are greatly at risk of flooding. By planting new permanent woodlands, we aim to lock-up carbon, improve local biodiversity, provide natural flood management, and publicly accessible green space.

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